Biofuel for the Future

The parts of each corn kernel that aren’t used to make food products go straight to our co-located ethanol plant. This home-grown fuel is a 100% renewable energy source made primarily from Wisconsin corn.

Corn Supply

We buy corn directly from more than 800 local corn producers. We can also store 3.5M bushels of corn on location, so we’re producing a steady supply of ethanol year-round.


The two by-products of the ethanol process are distillers grain, a high-protein animal feed, and corn oil, which is used to make bio-diesel.

Our ethanol plant is “zero discharge,” which means that all water used gets recycled into the process and limits overall water usage from the aquifer.

Know the Facts

Nearly all gas sold in the U.S. includes 10% ethanol (E10). Ethanol blends like E15, E30, and E85 provide consumers with even more options at the pump.

01 Fact #1

Today’s average corn ethanol reduces GHG emissions by 43% compared to gas.

02 Fact #2

Ethanol is the cleanest, most affordable fuel additive on the market.

03 Fact #3

Production of 15.3 billion gallons of ethanol each year helps reduce the need for foreign oil.


How it Works

Didion runs a co-located dry corn mill and ethanol plant. This ground-breaking model produces steady, sustainable, and high-quality outputs for both operations.

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