Wisconsin farmers – our friends and partners – work tirelessly to grow and harvest some of the world’s best corn. At Didion, our job is to make sure none of it goes to waste.

Cutting-edge technology helps us to look at each kernel individually and decide its ultimate destination. The best parts will end up on grocery store shelves in some of your favorite products, and in famine relief meals that provide critical nutrition to millions of families in under-developed countries.

Other parts of the kernel go to our neighboring spirit production facility or in the distillers’ grain that feeds livestock around the globe, or in industrial corn binders that show up in all sorts of weird places.

We maximize the value and versatility of every bushel.

Food Ingredients

You won’t see the Didion name on food labels, but our corn products are all over your grocery store shelves, helping top food brands maintain their top-quality reputations. Every day, we deliver corn meal, corn flour, corn grits, corn bran and snack meal to America’s most-loved food products.

Let us send you a sample that precisely meets your specs!


Didion is always looking for new partners and pays above-market rate for your corn!
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Through our partnership with the USDA and the USAID Food Assistance program, Didion produces over 350 million meals annually to help feed children and families in 47 developing nations. This, as much as any other thing we do, is why we say, “Together, we make a difference.”

Heat Treat, Ready to Eat

Our HarvestSafe™ Heat Treat system gives you food-safe, ready to eat ingredients – without the need for chemicals or irradiation. That saves you a step and still preserves the color, flavor and structure of the product. Food labeling, and product transparency are a breeze with HarvestSafe™!

Pop us a note to learn more about this controlled environment process!

Product Development

Our product development and lab teams are obsessed with precision! We’ll take your ingredient recipe, or collaborate with you on developing one, and send you product sample for testing. When “close enough” isn’t good enough, call on Didion to get it right!

Beyond Food…

Even after we make all of those corn products, there are still parts of the kernel left. And they don’t go to waste.

Our on-site ethanol plant produces over 60 million gallons of clean-burning, sustainable fuel, helping to power 24 million vehicles a year. Corn ethanol is the cleanest and most affordable fuel additive on the market and reduces GHG emissions by 43% compared to gas. Domestic ethanol production also reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

In addition to adding $100 million back into Wisconsin’s agricultural industry each year through better-than-market-rate corn purchases, Didion also helps feed our state’s livestock. Dried and wet distillers grain make for nutrient-rich livestock feed that’s high in protein and fiber.

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