Soy Bean Plant Operator

Johnson Creek Soy Bean Operations • Production Team • Johnson Creek, WI • Regular Full-Time

The Soy Plant Operator is a hands-on role that is critical in ensuring the highest levels of safety, quality, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in the production of soy-based food products Soy Plant Operators are cross-trained in multiple tasks to increase contributions to the organization, enhance production flexibility and readiness, while also providing job enrichment and growth opportunities to incumbents. Positions work an 8 hour shift M-F, with expectation of overtime work and on-call responsibility.


Personal and Work Environment SAFETY is achieved through:

  • Development and ownership of all aspects the Soy Plant Safety Culture. Safety Maturity is advanced through constant development of safe behaviors, procedures and systems.
  • Commitment to follow all safety procedures, GMP’s, performs risk assessments prior to commencing an unfamiliar task, seek to identify and implement proactive safety improvements, and use PPE when required such as: chemical handling, hearing protection, lock-out tag-out, harnesses, respiratory masks, etc.
  • Ensure compliance to highest level of food safety not limited to filling in the appropriate documentation like return to service checklists, etc.
  • Absolute adherence to safety procedures with use, inspection, and care of vehicles, equipment, and tools to include test equipment, lab equipment, industrial trucks, production equipment and man lifts.

The highest levels of PRODUCTION and EFFICIENCY are achieved through passionate commitment and proactive ownership. People in this key role:

  • Complete Sanitation and Cleaning tasks throughout the facility.
  • Load pneumatic trailers with soy flour which includes driving and parking the Yard Dog.
  • Assist in preventive maintenance according to schedule and as suggested by predictive maintenance metrics.
  • Efficiently operate the plant and performing all tasks to ensure the highest quality product is produced.
  • Collaborate with department and team to perform job tasks of the Soy Plant Team Member role as needed to ensure equipment and operations continue running smoothly and safely as need; these tasks may include transferring grain, unloading bins and trucks,
  • A proactive commitment to growing and expanding skill set through certification, training, and education leading towards increased level of confidence.
  • Personally committed to add value to the organization, the department, and the team by performing all tasks required to support the Soy Plant team in the efficient operation of the plant.

REQUIREMENTS to help ensure success include:

To qualify for this position, an individual must possess any combination of experience and education that would likely produce the desired job outcomes. Specific requirements include:

  • High School Graduate, GED, or equivalent experience. Technical school certificate or degree in Industrial Maintenance or related field desired.
  • General computer competency required including typing, web browser, and Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to work autonomously using critical thinking and troubleshooting skills to complete tasks safely without supervision.
  • Ability to read, write and speak English fluently in order to communicate effectively with team members within and external to Soy Plant.
  • A positive, proactive demeanor resulting in superior teamwork and collaboration with team members while demonstrating a commitment to excellence.


  • Must be able to work in environmental factors that include noise, dust, hot weather, and cold weather.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
  • Must have endurance and ability to ascend and descend multiple flights of stairs, ladders, and gangways numerous times daily while carrying tools and be able to work while standing on a continuous basis.
  • Ability to safely work aloft significant heights up to 220 feet off the ground including ladders, man lifts, harnesses, equipment tops and scaffolding.
  • Ability to enter confined spaces, following all safety procedures, while in performance of job duties. A large portion of this role will require work on equipment below ground level.
  • Must be able to communicate by using and hearing 2-way radio.
  • Have dexterity and ability to maneuver equipment in tight working spaces.