Raw Corn Processing Facility Operator

Cambria Raw Corn Processing Facility • Cambria, WI • Full-time


The Raw Corn Processing Facility (RCPF) Operator is critical to the successful intake, handling and storage of one of our most important commodities; corn. This position controls or tends to conveyors and conveyor systems that move materials or products to and from stockpiles, processing stations, departments or vehicles. Managing grain condition and quality via visual, sensory and other methods is an important task of this position.

This is a Monday through Friday, 8-5 PM shift position with overtime possible during harvest and other seasonal peak times.


  • Position deflector bars, gates, chutes, or spouts to divert flow of materials from one conveyor into another conveyor.
  • Weigh or measure materials and products, using scales or other measuring instruments, or read scales on conveyors that continually weigh products, in order to verify specified tonnages and prevent overloads.
  • Manipulate controls, levers, and valves to start pumps, auxiliary equipment, or conveyors, to adjust equipment positions, speeds, timing, and material flows.
  • Record production data such as weights, types, quantities, and storage locations of materials, as well as equipment performance problems and downtime.
  • Inform supervisors of equipment malfunctions that need to be addressed.
  • Climb silos up to 120 feet on a daily basis using either indoor or outdoor stairs.
  • Clean, sterilize, and maintain equipment, machinery, and work stations, using hand tools, shovels, brooms, chemicals, hoses, and lubricants.
  • Observe conveyor operations and monitor lights, dials, and gauges, in order to maintain specified operating levels and to detect equipment malfunctions.
  • Operate elevator systems in conjunction with conveyor systems.
  • Read production and delivery schedules, and confer with supervisors, to determine sorting and transfer procedures, Repair or replace equipment components or parts such as chains, paddles, filters, etc.
  • Contact workers in work stations or other departments to request movement of materials, products, or machinery, or to notify them of incoming shipments and their estimated delivery times.
  • Monitor grain quality to prevent deterioration and infestation
  • Stop equipment or machinery and clear jams, using poles, bars, and hand tools, or remove damaged materials from conveyors.
  • Collect samples of materials or products, checking them to ensure conformance to specifications or sending them to laboratories for analysis.
  • Load, unload, or adjust materials or products on conveyors by hand, by using lifts, hoists, and scoops, or by opening gates, chutes, or hoppers.
  • Distribute materials, supplies, and equipment to work stations, using Bobcat, Forklift and/or End Loader.

Personal and Work Environment SAFETY is achieved through:

  • Promotes and ensures the safe operation, accountability, and care/maintenance of tools, equipment, and safety equipment.


To qualify for this position, an individual must possess any combination of experience and education that would likely produce the desired job outcomes. Specific requirements include:

  • High School Graduate, GED, or equivalent experience. Technical school certificate or degree in a related field desired.
  • Experience in a grain receiving equipment environment desired.
  • Experience with mechanicals and repair and preventative maintenance of grain handling equipment.
  • General computer competency required including typing, web browser, and Microsoft Office; Intermediate competency of Mapcon software or ability to learn required.
  • Ability to work autonomously using critical thinking and troubleshooting skills to complete maintenance tasks safely without supervision.
  • Ability to read, write and speak English fluently in order to communicate effectively with team members within and external to maintenance department.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills.
  • Strong organization skills along with strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work in a team environment with changing priorities and time pressures


  • Must be able to work in environmental factors that include noise, dust, hot weather, and cold weather.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
  • Must have endurance and ability to ascend and descend multiple flights of stairs, ladders, and gangways numerous times daily while carrying tools and be able to work while standing on a continuous basis.
  • Ability to safely work aloft significant heights up to 220 feet off the ground including ladders, man lifts, harnesses, equipment tops and scaffolding.
  • Ability to enter confined spaces, following all safety procedures, while in performance of job duties. A large portion of this role will require work on equipment below ground level.
  • Must be able to communicate by using and hearing 2-way radio.
  • Have dexterity and ability to maneuver equipment in tight working spaces.