Welcome to Didion, home to North America’s newest and most advanced dry corn mill and the industry’s most customer-focused support team.

The new mill produces corn-based food ingredients for some of the world’s most trusted and recognized food brands, as well as alcohol-based products like hand-sanitizing liquid.

The mill was designed for high capacity output, flexible scheduling to meet urgent customer needs, maximum quality control for precision products, and hi-tech worker and food safety control. It is a work of art that has become the envy of an entire industry.

Expect More. We Do.

But there’s plenty that technology and innovation can’t do. It can’t text you back after hours when something pressing comes up. It won’t rearrange production schedules, so every customer gets deliveries on time, every time. It can’t track a truck or a rail car.

That’s people work, and it’s why we’ve assembled a work family that’s passionate about turning satisfied customers into thrilled customers. And to make sure that happens, we live by a set of Customer Care Standards that not only make our service exceptional, but predictably, obsessively exceptional. If you’re the kind of person who likes to deliver that kind of experience, we’d love to explore the match.

Let us send you a sample worthy of your company’s food brands.

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