The answer to the “Why Didion” question depends a little on who you are and what you need.

We could write a really long list here, but we’ll try to be brief in case you have other things to do today.

If you’re a top-brand food manufacturer:

If you’re a corn producer:

  • Didion regularly pays above-market rate for your corn, because we know how hard you work to deliver us the best quality. Each year, we inject about $100 million into Wisconsin’s ag economy.
  • When you partner with us, you know how your corn is being used and where it’s going – kind of cool, if you ask us. Heck, if you have livestock on your land, your own corn might be coming back to you in the form of distiller’s grain.

If you’re a business, service organization, public agency or healthcare facility:

Didion is now producing alcohol-based products such as hand sanitizer in our former ethanol facility.

Contact us about our partner donation program or to purchase our new Doc Didion hand sanitizing liquid.

If you’re a hard worker in search of a great opportunity:

  • Didion doesn’t offer jobs; we create careers with supportive training and clear career pathing so you always know where you can go next. And our compensation and benefits lead the industry.
  • Ours is a strong, happy family environment where coworkers have each other’s backs and help each other succeed. You’ll love coming to work every day!

Because the words “family company” should tell you more than how it started. It should tell you what that company cares about. Who it cares about. What it values.

And if you’re none of these things – maybe a neighbor who happens to live or work in the same communities we do – Didion’s commitment to giving back and fueling our local economies still touches you every day.

The Didion Foundation

On a beautiful early-autumn day in 2019, our customers, staff and partners came together for a day of comradery and golf. But while there was plenty of fun to be had, there was serious business to attend to as well.

Through sponsorships, donations and Didion’s ongoing commitment powering strong communities, we raised $78,000 for the Didion Foundation, which immediately went to benefit three local projects:

  1. The completion of the Cambria-Friesland community fitness center;
  2. Started the fund to fuel a local STEAAM (science, technology, engineering, agriculture, automation, math) program to help secure our community’s future talent base;
  3. The funding of additional local projects through the Old Mill Foundation.

We are so grateful to all who supported the Strong Communities Golf Outing, and who shared our passion for making a positive impact in our neighborhoods.

Want to know more about future events? Email Amber Iverson at