Didion Milling holds a strong presence in the brewing and food service industries renowned for its strict standards for processing and product excellence. Headquartered in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, the company prides itself on its corn milling, soybean processing, and oil packaging capabilities. The Didion name represents over 40 years in the grain business and has the history of experience and expertise making Didion Milling a trusted leader in today’s grain processing business. The following are some highlights of our history.

Brothers John and Dow Didion formed Didion Milling, Inc., as a grain-merchandising firm in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. Throughout the 70s and early 80s, the company grew from one location to eight in Wisconsin, with the business’ focus on the merchandising of bulk grain, feed ingredients, and agriculture-input products through unit train and Mississippi River barge terminals.

Construction was completed on a dry corn mill in Cambria, Wisconsin for value-added grain products such as corn grits, meals and flours as well as high-protein blended foods. The location was chosen primarily for the quality of local corn available for milling as well as to facilitate the selection of the highest quality grain directly from local growers, but it also brings easy access to excellent transportation outlets for both domestic and export markets. Being located just 20 miles from Interstate 94 and situated on the Wisconsin Southern Railroad, this would allow for competitive truck and rail transportation rates.

Didion Milling completed construction on a processing facility in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. This added an additional component to the business of producing food-grade full fat soy flour and roasted hulls. Today, this facility stands as our main soybean processing location.

The grain merchandising operation in Johnson Creek was sold, allowing Didion Milling to focus solely on the milling operation in Cambria. A year later, the company began expanding the corn-mill facility and its processing capabilities to meet the increased demand for quality corn products.

Didion Ethanol completed construction on a state-of-the-art, 40 Million gallon per year ethanol plant, which is able to use the byproduct of the corn milling process to create ethanol more efficiently.

Didion Milling, Inc begins construction to make the ethanol production process more efficient using a U.S. Department of Energy grant received in 2009. This effort will increase the plant capacity to 50 Million gallons per year, while reducing the energy consumed per gallon produced.

Today, more than four decades since its inception, Didion Milling, Inc and its family of companies continues to thrive, being supported by the availability of the highest quality, locally grown corn, which is purchased in raw agricultural commodities. The corn is then converted into value-added ingredients for the food processing and brewing industries, not to mention product for foundry and industrial purposes. Didion also manufactures a complete line of food ingredients and complete foods for famine relief products for USDA Title II Programs, which feeds over 8 Million people per day in Third World countries.