Great People

The biggest asset at Didion Milling Inc. is our existing workforce. We strongly believe that human capital is the primary source for a competitive advantage. We strictly adhere to the “Good to Great” philosophy, which states a company will only become a great company with great people. Below is a list of some of our key personnel.

President Riley Didion
Chief Executive Officer John Didion
Chief Operating Officer Dow Didion
Vice President of Operations Derrick Clark
Vice President of Risk Management Dale Drachenberg
Vice President of Sales & Marketing Jeff Dillon
Chief Financial Officer Luke Burmeister
Corporate Counsel Coral Didion
Mill Product Sales
Vice President of Sales & Marketing Jeff Dillon
Customer Relations Manager Karyn Hickman
Ethanol Product Sales
Ethanol & DDGS Sales Dale Drachenberg
Grain Procurement
Grain Manager Garry Gard
Grain Merchandiser Mitch Giebel