Did You Know...
Didion has implemented projects that have saved enough energy that is equivalent to Power and Heat 828 Homes!!!

Energy Savings Projects

Didion Milling, Inc. and Didion Ethanol, LLC are committed to producing cleaner, greener products. As part of its strategic focus on environmental responsibility and social consciousness, Didion is committed to using every piece of a kernel of corn as part of its “waste not” philosophy.  As a result of its high efficiency, proprietary production processes, the Didion Companies are able to feed people and hungry children around the world, convert  renewable corn starch into fuel for our cars, equip our nation’s industries with low cost raw materials, and provide highly nutritious feeds to  dairy and beef  producers; all while creating over 150 good-paying, green jobs. But that’s not all — Didion has pledged with the Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now LEADER   program to reduce its energy consumption by 25% over the next 10 years!

Didion’s Clean Energy Goals

  1. Provide Wisconsin and the world with high quality food products.
  2. Create good paying, green jobs while supporting local farmers.
  3. Produce a clean, renewable, domestic alternative to foreign oil.
  4. Save energy, reduce costs, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve air quality.
  5. Hold down fuel prices for consumers by increasing competition for oil companies.
  6. Minimize air and water pollution resulting from production.

How Didion Achieves These Goals

  1. Completed an energy study and instituting an Environmental Management System and Energy Management System to help reduce waste.
  2. Installed energy efficiency upgrades that have saved 6,369,986 kWh of electricity, 942,130 therms of natural gas, and 888 kWh of capacity. This is enough energy to power 828 homes, is the equivalent of taking 1,775 cars off the road, or not burning 48 coal cars each year, which ultimately cuts more than 20 million pounds of CO2 emissions.


Didion Savings Summary Electricity Saved Natural Gas Saved Total
Total CO2 emissions reduced, Metric Tons 4,573.65 4,711.00 9,284.00
Total CO2 emissions reduced, pounds 10,062,030.00 10,363,430.00 20,425,460.00
Enough energy to power and heat these homes 408.00 420.22 828.00
Equivalent to taking this many cars off the road 874.50 900.70 1,775.20
Equivalent to not burning this many coal cars 23.88 24.60 48.48