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Didion Ethanol is one of the most efficient and innovative ethanol plants in the world. . . Discover the Didion Difference!


As a company, we have been procuring, storing, milling and transporting corn products for almost 45 years. In 2006, we broke ground on our ethanol facility directly across the street from our dry corn mill, which was a logical extension of our traditional business. This close proximity between locations makes us more sustainable in the ethanol marketplace and the numerous energy efficiencies we have implemented since beginning production puts us ahead of the competition. Below are some examples of what sets us apart, as one of the most efficient ethanol plants in the country.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Corn

The key to our success is our ability to utilize our dry corn mill to fractionate the corn prior to sending it to the ethanol plant. Through our fractionation process we can separate the corn kernel into fractions specifically suited for food products, ethanol production and animal feeds, unlocking the full potential of corn. This allows us to produce higher yields of ethanol, while at the same time consuming less energy and less water than traditional plants. Being efficient in our processes and environmentally friendly is a winning combination.

Food-Grade Facility

Our plant is the first in the world constructed with solid concrete walls to provide benefits in the areas of fire-resistance, structural longevity and appearance. The entire facility is designed to food-grade standards. Our state-of-the-art process controls increase levels of process monitoring, diagnostic analysis, energy consumption and yield control to allow us to achieve our goal of becoming the most efficient ethanol plant in the world.

Water Recycling Initiative

In May 2009, we successfully implemented a water recycling initiative aimed at reducing our water requirements in the production process and a larger benefit of taking out any risk to the environment.  By recycling our process water back through, we have reduced our water use to less than 2.5 gallons of water per gallon of ethanol.  The national average is currently 3.5 gallons of water per gallon of ethanol.  For Didion, this is a 30% reduction in water use in our process and saves over 145,000 gallons of water everyday!  This also allows us not to directly discharge water into any local waterways, thus making us one of only a few ethanol plants in the country operating without a direct discharge water permit.


Our biggest asset is our existing workforce and we believe that human capital is the primary source for a competitive advantage. We have extremely talented engineers, operators and electricians on staff as well as trained grain merchandising and logistics personnel who contribute their efforts to our ethanol operations.

Corn Processing

Our corn handling and processing system can accommodate over 3.5 million bushels of corn at any one time, approximately 8 times the capacity of most other ethanol operations.

Distillers Grains

Our distillers grains provide a highly nutritious feed product for Wisconsin’s dairy cattle and is exported around the world for livestock feed. Contact Us for further information!

Ethanol Sales

Didion markets our own ethanol products and can transport ethanol via truck or rail car. Contact Us for further information.