Our unique milling process takes something naturally good, and makes it even better:

Didion Traceability – Food safety starts on the farm. That’s why Didion cultivates relationships with all of our local corn growers to ensure the best quality. It’s also why we can offer traceability of corn back to its source.

Didion Select Technology – Our proprietary process allows Didion to select only the best from each corn kernel for food, while saving the rest to make home-grown fuel for your automobile. Using corn for food and fuel efficiently and effectively – we make it a reality.

Didion Quality Assurance – Our fully-integrated process offers more control at every stage of production – from the time it arrives at our elevator, through the milling process and state-of-the-art production system. Our products are our reputation. It’s why we can stand confidently behind every bag.

Didion Capacity & Flexibility – Didion’s integrated processing facilities offer customers a wide range of harvestGold corn products in volumes required to meet the increasing demands of today’s consumer.

Didion Dedicated Delivery – We operate our own fleet of trucks to protect our product’s integrity and make sure your order arrives on time, every time.

Didion Customer Relations – At Didion, we treat you like family. Our dedicated customer relations team is trained to make your satisfaction our top priority. We are ready to serve you with the utmost quality and respect. Let us help you find the corn ingredients to fit your needs!

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