Created from the best of corn. Nurtured with technology and devotion. Didion’s HarvestGold Family of Corn Products is the answer to your corn ingredient needs.

Are you in the market for corn flour for breading or batter applications? Are you in the brewing, cereal or snack food industries and looking for a new supplier? Or perhaps you are seeking quality corn bran for a new R&D project? Check out Didion’s full line of corn products, including fiber, corn flour, corn meals, corn grits and famine relief products; available in sacks, totes, bulk truck and bulk railcar.

This isn’t simply a business to us. This is a family passion. That’s why you’re as likely to find us in rural Wisconsin corn fields as in our state-of-the-art facilities. It’s why we develop personal relationships with our customers, and treat their needs like our own. And why we’ll never be done improving.

Getting the most out of corn, giving the most back to our customers and growers.
That’s the real Didion Difference.

To learn more about Didion and our passion for corn, check out our new video.

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