Family of Corn Products

Didion Milling offers a variety of corn products that can be used in many different food applications. These include varieties of dry corn products and conventional lines of grits, meal, flour, pregelatinized products and corn bran.

Corn Grits
The coarsest of mill granulations, degermed corn grits are generated from the hardest portions of the corn and contain no chemicals or preservatives. They can be used in applications ranging from ready-to-eat cereals to brewing adjuncts and pet foods.

  • Cereal Grits - Coarse, hard endosperm grits used primarily in ready-to-eat cereals and malt beverage operations.
  • Brewer’s Grits – Slightly finer than cereal grits, used as a brewing adjunct and in malted beverages.
  • Polenta Grits – Medium, uniform grits used in hot cereals and as hominy grits. Also, utilized in pizza and bakery applications.
  • Fine Grits – For extruded cereals and processed pet foods.

Corn Meal
Degermed corn meal is typically bright yellow in color and includes a wide range of granulations. No chemicals or preservatives are included.

  • Snack Meal – This coarse meal is used for extruded snacks or cereals, processed foods, baked goods, dry mixes, malt beverages and fermentation processes.
  • Dusting Meal – Medium-grade meal used in hearth breads, pizzas, dry mixes, bread or muffin coatings and bakery blends.
  • Corn Cones – Fine, uniform meal used in processed foods such as corn dog mix or hush puppies, extruded cereals, muffin and dry bakery mixes.
  • Standard Meal – Wide-ranging granulation with higher fat content utilized in pet foods and pest management products.

Corn Flour
Degermed corn flour is a fine granulation product milled to a uniform, consistent texture, and doesn’t use any chemicals or preservatives.

  • Reduction Flour – Standard granulation flour used in a wide variety of applications including ready-to-eat cereals, snack foods, pancake mixes, cookies, meat extenders, breading and batter, and many types of bakery mixes. Fluidity control is normally a critical attribute.
  • Yellow Corn Flour – A soft granulated flour with no chemical additives or preservatives. Applications include: bakery mixes, extruded cereals, extenders, or coaters and breadings.
  • Viscosity Controlled Flour – Natural yellow corn flour that hydrates to form a paste with a narrow viscosity range. Applications include: breading and batters or where viscosity control range is critical.

Whole Grain Corn Flour

Whole grain corn flour is a fine granulation product milled into a uniform, consistent, texture. No chemicals or preservatives added.

  • Whole Grain Corn Flour – Applications include: snack foods, ready-to-eat cereals, pancake mixes, bakery mixes and cookies.

Pregelatinized Corn
Pregelatinized corn flour is a cooked corn flour that hydrates readily in cold, aqueous mediums to form a stable fluid paste.

  • Pregelatinized Corn Flour – Made from selected streams and cooked at a high temperature to provide a constant viscosity. May be used in fig and fruit paste as a moisture-retaining agent and/or extender. It can also be used as a binding agent in extruded products such as cereals, snack foods or pastas. Widely used as a meat extender, dough conditioner or thickening agent.
  • Yellow Corn Kibble – Corn meal and corn flour combined and cooked at a high temperature under pressure, then ground to produce a high fat and easily digestible food. Easily hydrates in cold water, forming a viscosity paste. Also called pregelatinized corn meal.

Industrial Corn Binders
Binder is a cooked corn flour that hydrates readily in cold, aqueous mediums to form a stable fluid paste.

  • Industrial grade flour used for foundry binders, label adhesive, edge paste,  briquetting, pharmaceutical products, rodent control baits, fire ant baits, plywood resin extenders and insecticide carriers.

Corn Bran
Didion HarvestGold Corn Bran is a naturally, nutritious way to add whole grain appeal to your food products and a great alternative to traditional fiber sources.

Our HarvestGold Corn Bran provides you with consistent, high quality total dietary fiber corn bran.  Our insoluble fiber is a food-grade, chemical-free, natural product that is light in color and presents a slight nutty taste.  HarvestGold Corn Bran is the perfect fiber additive, and is a low-fat, low-cost alternative to other grain fiber products.

  • Excellent source of insoluble dietary fiber used to increase dietary fiber in cereals, breads, healthy snack foods, breakfast bars, dietary foods and drinks, and geriatric foods.

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