Protein Solutions

Kibble KickTM – a yeast protein ingredient that boosts palatability and nutrition in pet food.

Didion Kibble Kick yeast protein increases palatability in pet foods while aiding in digestive tract function. This ingredient is rich in amino acids and vitamins, promoting healthy skin and shiny coats. Yeast proteins are recommended by holistic vets to help strengthen immune systems. Kibble Kick can be used in dietary formulations, pet treats, dry mixes or wet pet foods.

ThriveStockTM – a yeast protein offering superior nutrition and functionality to livestock feed rations.

Didion ThriveStock yeast protein is a natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals for livestock. It promotes immune function and aids digestive tract function. ThriveStock yeast protein is a great ingredient for use in feed formulations for multiple livestock species, including cattle, swine and poultry.

Kibble Kick and ThriveStock are available as a liquid or in dry form as a fine, free-flowing powder. They are all-natural, kosher products with no chemicals or preservatives. Product shelf life is 18 months.

About Didion Protein Solutions

The Didion Protein Solutions group focuses on constant improvement in yeast technology. We find new applications for yeast from our ethanol process to add value in additional markets. Our in-house research and development team studies propagation, separation and extraction techniques to optimize production and find new product applications.

Didion is committed to sustainable production and reducing waste through continuous improvement. Find out more about Didion’s sustainability programs on our Sustainability Guiding Principles and Practices page.

For more information about Didion Protein Solutions products and capabilities, please contact:

Chris Gudaitis, Business Development Manager