Food Uses

Didion Milling offers many products that are for use in a wide variety of different food applications. If you are considering a new product or looking for a new supplier for your current product, please Contact Us – our team would be happy to help!

Corn Grits – for use in ready-to-eat cereals, hot cereals and extruded cereals; malt beverage operations, pizza and bakery applications, and in pet foods.

Corn Meals – for use in extruded snacks, cereals, processed foods, baked goods, dry mixes, malt beverages and fermentation processes; hearth breads, pizzas, breads, muffin coatings, corn dog mixes, hush puppies, etc.

Corn Flours
– for use in production of gluten free pastas, ready-to-eat cereals, snack foods, pancake mixes, cookies, meat extenders, viscosity controlled breading and batters, and in a wide array of bakery mixes.

Pregelatinized Corn Flour
– for use as a binding agent in extruded products such as cereals, snack foods or pastas. It is also used in dough conditioners and as a thickening agent in gravies and sauces.

Corn Bran
- an excellent source of high dietary fiber for addition to cereals, breads, healthy snack foods, breakfast bars, dietary foods and drinks, and geriatric foods.