Didion’s Impact on the World Around Us!

Ever wondered where all of those trucks and railcars are headed when they leave Didion Milling? Our milled corn products end up in many items you may use. Next time you light your barbeque grill, you may be using charcoal that is made with Didion corn flour. The next time you go to the fair and have funnel cakes or corn dogs, chances are you are enjoying Didion corn products. Our corn products are used in brewing beer, making snack chips, tamales, taco sauce, breakfast cereals, corn muffins and even in some bread products! We make products used by the foundry industry to mold your tub, your sink and the steel parts for your car. We produce ethanol that powers your vehicles. We also produce products that are used to make the plywood in building your house and kitty litter for your pet.

Our corn products are used worldwide to help better the lives of people, in a wide variety of applications. Use your mouse and investigate Didion’s impact on the world around us!