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Today's Market Commentary from our Grain Team

Today's Market Commentary


About us

As a family-owned business in the heartland of Wisconsin, we take great pride in our quality products and our ability to meet the needs of customers all over the world. Our customer relations team is all about solutions, and will help find the right product or service for you. The Didion name represents nearly 45 years in virtually all aspects of the grain business, giving us the experience and expertise that has helped us become a trusted leader in our industry today.

We do it differently

Our mission is to add value to everything that comes through our facilities – our products, our people and our environment. By combining our corn milling and ethanol production processes, we are able to extract the most out of every corn kernel, improving product quality while reducing waste.

Start your journey at Didion

The food industry is always changing, and we’re no exception. Our team of engineers, project managers, programmers, and visionaries work together toward a common vision. Help us make the most out of every kernel, take good care of people, invest in technology that disrupts our industry, and become the #1 dry corn miller in the United States.

We’re always looking for ways to be more efficient with our resources, more responsive to our customers’ needs, more thoughtful with our technology. If you’re as driven as we are, explore our open positions on our careers page.

Our Human Development team is ready to hear from you!